Salsa originated out of Cuba with a rich history of African beats and Spanish rhythms. It has evolved across the globe to become many different versions, under the titles of: Cuban, Miami, New York, Puerto Rican and L.A styles, to name a few.

At CLR we teach the fundamentals across the different styles in the hope that no matter where and who you are dancing with, you will be able to understand the style and have a great experience. We also offer specific Rueda classes which incorporates the best of the Cuban and Miami styles.

At the heart of salsa lies the clave. Two pieces of wood that generate a syncopated rhythm. From this syncopation comes the lively and energetic music and thus the flavour of the dance.

In order to understand salsa it is important that we go back and explore the dance styles and musical forms from which it sprung: Afro-Cuban Rumba, Folkloric, Mambo, Danzon, and Son to name a few. In our higher level salsa classes we also explore these styles as part of your salsa journey.


Here are a few varied videos to give a sense of this dance style:


Below is a continually-updated list of music we play in class and at socials: