Rock 'n' Roll


During the development of the musical genre rock n roll, dances to go with the music were also created. Today there are many dances that fit into the category of rock n roll as well as alongside it. For more information on the rich history of rock n roll and swing dance visit here.

At Coffs Latin Rhythms we dance 6 beat rock n roll and jive – typical to most Australian rock n roll dance schools. We also incorporate elements of Rockabilly and Swing.

Rock n Roll is a fun dance suitable for all ages and never fails to bring smiles and laughter all night long. It’s also a great way to get fit an can be danced in a low-key fashion or with high energy.

We are lucky to have live rock n roll music played in Coffs Harbour on a regular basis and when you join our class, you will be alerted to live events via text. Coffs has an active and vibrant rock n roll social dance community.


Here are a few varied videos to give a sense of this dance style:


Below is a continually-updated list of music we play in class and at socials: