Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic. For many years it was considered a lowbrow dance compared to its more respected cousin Merengue. Some of the early influences on Bachata were Merengue, Cuban Bolero, Salsa and Cumbia.

In the 1990’s Bachata regained its legitimacy bursting onto the international scene with the hit album “Bachata Rosa”. In late 90’s Italy became an ambassador for Bachata and the world was hooked.

There are many forms of Bachata originally beginning with Dominican, then evolving into Traditional, Moderna and Urban styles. New fusions are appearing all the time including Bachatango, Bachamilonga and Bazouka to name a few.


Here are a few varied videos to give a sense of this dance style:


Below is a continually-updated list of music we play in class and at socials: